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Help Center

We support the following crypto-currencies :

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Dash (DASH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Waves (WAWES)
Zcash (ZEC)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ethereum Zero (ETZ)

And also fiat currencies :

RUR Ruble
USD Dollar
UAH Hryvnia
EUR Euro

We constantly add support for new topical crypto-currencies, so stay tuned for news that you would not miss.
UNICS.IO is a multi-currency online purse for crypto currency, with which you can easily manage your funds from anywhere in the world. We support the most popular crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, etherium, zikesh, monero, bitcoin cache, lightcoin, dash and many others. With us, you can safely store your funds, easily and quickly exchange different currencies, send and receive transfers and payments. Access to your accounts is open around the clock both from your computer and from your phone. Our support team is always ready to help you promptly if you have any questions.

Our advantages:
Absence of commissions
Instant Exchange
multiple currency account
Complete anonymity and security
It's very simple and fast!

Go to the registration page and enter your email and password (select a complex password).
A message with a link to the confirmation of registration will be sent to your email.
After you click on the link in the message, your account will be opened.
Opening and maintaining an account completely FREE .
Yes , you can. The number of accounts in our system is unlimited.
No , our system is completely anonymous.
Yes . We do our best to protect your funds as much as possible.

Remote offline storage
90% of all funds are stored on remote servers that are disconnected from the Internet and do not allow any incoming connections. Our employees do not have access to these funds.

Encrypted SSL traffic (https)
All your sessions with our site are encrypted through a secure SSL connection. SSL / TLS certificate of class A +.

Passwords and other important user information are stored in an encrypted form.

Two-factor authorization for your account
In addition to email and password, you need to enter a one-time code from your smartphone, which greatly increases the protection of your account. It will prevent intruders from gaining access to your tools, even if they have your email and password.
You can connect two-factor authorization through the application on your phone (Google Authenticator)

Trusted IP addresses
You can configure access to your account only from certain IP addresses.

Possibility to receive SMS, email, Telegram and push notifications about all transactions with your account (successful / unsuccessful login, withdrawal or exchange of funds, change of settings, etc.)
Your crypto-currency balance is constant and changes only when you perform operations for receiving / sending / exchanging. However, the total balance of your account expressed in rubles or dollars may vary along with the exchange rate of the Crypto-currency.

The current rate of crypto currency to fiat money (dollar / ruble / euro) is set by the currency market and depends on changes in demand and supply.
Great! Contact us - maybe we will have a good reward for you! ;)
On the sign in page, click the " Can not sign in? Reset the password! "

After you specify your email, a link to reset the access password will be sent to it.

Click on the link from the email and enter the new password in the window that opens, then click on the " Continue " button.

Sign in using your email and new password.


The letter does not come?

1. Check the SPAM / Suspicious messages folder.

2. Add to the list of contacts in your address book.

3. Perform the password reset procedure again.
If for some reason you have lost access to your phone or the Two-factor Authorization application and can not disable it yourself - contact us . Our support team will help you.
If next to the name of the wallet you see the label Offline, then this wallet is currently on those. service and can not accept or send payments. Also at that moment it is impossible to create new deposit addresses.

However, as soon as the work is completed and the Offline status disappears, all incoming transactions sent to this wallet in the period of those. works will be credited to your balance.
All available crypto-currency accounts are automatically opened immediately after registration.

However, to receive payments, you need to create addresses for the accounts you need. To do this is very simple: click the "Actions" button next to the name of the account and select "Create new address"

UNICS will immediately generate your first crypto-address.

To see your crypto-currency addresses, click on the account name or on the button "Actions" next to the name of the account and select "Show my addresses"

All transactions sent to these addresses will be automatically credited to your account.
All available accounts are created automatically after registration.

If you do not see an account in the BALANCE tab, check the settings and check the Account Management section, maybe you just turned off the desired account.
You can generate up to 10 addresses for each crypto-currency account.

If you already have 10 addresses, but you need a new address, just delete one of the existing ones. To do this, click the " Delete address " button. in the lower left corner of the window with detailed information about the address and confirm the deletion by entering your password / TTP code.

Please note: After this, you will no longer be able to receive payments sent to this address.
Two-factor authorization allows you to significantly enhance the protection of your account. It will avoid problems even in such cases when the attackers will have access to your email and password.

How it works

Each time you send money or change account settings, UNICS will request a one-time OTP code. OTP code is a one-time password that is valid for only one transaction and can not be reused. Thus, even if your email and password fall into the hands of intruders, then without access to your smartphone, they will not be able to send or withdraw funds from your account.

How to activate Two-Factor Authorization?

To connect the Two-Factor Authorization, go to the SECURITY section.

Install Google Authenticator on your device iPhone / Android / Windows Phone
In the Google Authenticator app, click " + ", and further on " Scan QR code "
Scan the code that will be displayed
Enter the 6 digits that generated the Google Authenticator application
One-time password (English one time password, OTP ) is a password that is valid for only one authentication session. The effect of a one-time password can also be limited to a certain period of time. The advantage of a one-time password compared to a static password is that the password can not be reused. Thus, an attacker who intercepts data from a successful authentication session can not use the copied password to gain access to the protected system.
Unfortunately no.

We do not support the import / export of private keys. this can lead to problems with double spending.
Yes. You can choose rubles to display the overall balance of all your accounts.

Go to the SETTINGS section and select the ruble currency or any other currency in the Balance sheet currency tab.

Depending on the currency, the following rules apply for the minimum amount of the incoming payment.

Bitcoin - min 0.001 BTC
UNICS Coin - min 500 UCST
Dash DASH - min 0.01 DASH
Dogecoin DOGE - min 10 DOGE
Ethereum ETH - min 0.01 ETH
Ethereum Classic ETC - min 0.1 ETC
Litecoin LTC - min 0.01 LTC
Zcash ZEC - min 0.01 ZEC
Waves - min 0.5 WAVES

Please, keep in mind that incoming transactions below the minimum amount are not considered by our payment processing system and are not credited.

Also, payments below the minimum do not accumulate and can not be returned to the sender.

This measure is forced. Tens of thousands of incoming microtransactions violate the efficiency of our hot wallets, not allowing us to promptly generate outgoing transactions. The maximum allowed transaction size (in bytes) is exceeded and it sticks in the queue for sending. This is a technological feature of the crypto-exchange protocol.
First of all, please make sure that the amount sent to you exceeds or is equal to the minimum incoming transaction. If the transfer amount is less, it will not be credited to your account.

As soon as there is a transfer to your account, UNICS immediately processes it and assigns it the status "In processing". After the transaction is confirmed by the network, the amount is credited to your account.

To check if a transaction has been sent to you, it's very simple - just visit one of the sites that track crypto-currency transactions.

Select the site corresponding to the payment currency and specify your address to which you sent the transfer.

Bitcoin block explorer
Bitcoin Cash block explorer
Dash block explorer
Dogecoin block explorer
Ethereum block explorer
Litecoin block explorer
Monero block explorer
Peercoin block explorer
Reddcoin block explorer
Zcash block explorer
Blackcoin block explorer

If the amount sent to you is in the list of transactions of your address, then the receipt of funds is only a matter of time. If the transfer was made without commission, or the commission was too small, processing and confirmation of the transaction by the network may take longer than usual. In this case, it is possible for a longer payment time - up to several hours or even days.

If there is no sent amount in the transaction list for your address, then the transfer was not sent to you and you need to clarify the information from the sender.
After you have opened an account in the required Crypto currency, you need to refill it.

You can replenish your crypto-currency account in UNICS, simply by sending to your crypto-currency address a transfer from another service or third-party purse.

To receive the crypto currency into your account, you need to provide the sender with your crypto-currency address so that he can send a transfer to him. Receiving funds does not require you to do anything. Anyone who has your crypto-address can send you funds.

All receipts to your account and sending from it are available for viewing in the "History" menu
Received or sent funds are processed instantly and become available after they are confirmed by the network. Usually this happens within 10-30 minutes.

In rare cases, when the network is overloaded with transactions, confirmation can take up to several hours or more. The confirmation procedure does not depend on UNICS and is determined solely by the speed of processing transactions by crypto-currency networks.

You can independently check the load on the network bitcoin here. If the number of unconfirmed transactions exceeds 4-5 thousand, then the network is experiencing an overload.
No . Replenishment of the crypto-currency account, as well as any transfers to it, are processed free of charge.
Labels are convenient short names for long and complex crypto-address addresses. For example, it will be much easier to remember and use the label "My main address", than to store the address itself "SDhh5h4j454gby7543jh3g6f345uyhFg".
UNICS charges a small commission when sending crypto-currency transfers.

Bitcoin - 0.001 BTC
UNICS Coin - 10 UCST
Dash DASH - 0.05 DASH
Dogecoin DOGE - 4 DOGE
Ethereum ETH - 0.05 ETH
Ethereum Classic ETC - 0.1 ETC
Litecoin LTC - 0.05 LTC
Zcash ZEC - 0.01 ZEC
Waves - 0.5 WAVES

When sending funds, the commission is debited from your account, and not from the transfer amount. In the dispatch form, UNICS automatically deducts the commission amount from your balance sheet, so the balance available to send is always less than the total balance by the commission amount.
Do not worry, he was not lost. Check the status of your transfer is very simple - just visit one of the sites that track crypto-currency transactions.

Select the site corresponding to the payment currency and specify the address of the recipient to whom you sent the transfer. Also you can specify the transaction number (TXID) that you are in the HISTORY section in the payment details.

Bitcoin block explorer
Bitcoin Cash block explorer
Dash block explorer
Dogecoin block explorer
Ethereum block explorer
Litecoin block explorer
Monero block explorer
Peercoin block explorer
Reddcoin block explorer
Zcash block explorer
Blackcoin block explorer

If the amount you send is in the transaction list of this address, then the receipt of funds is only a matter of time. Typically, it takes from a few minutes to an hour. Sometimes the processing and confirmation of the transaction by the network can take longer than usual. In rare cases - up to several hours, depending on the workload of the network.
Because in crypto-currencies there is no concept of "sender address". Crypto-currency addresses are created for receiving payments, but not for sending: the sender's address simply does not exist. You can not use the [b] your [/ b] coins you received when making payments.

Think of this as a banknote that you put on a bank deposit. For example, you brought to the bank and deposited 10 000 rubles in your account with ten banknotes of 1,000 rubles each. When you want to withdraw money, the bank will not give you [b] exactly your [/ b] ten banknotes for a thousand rubles. Instead, you will receive other banknotes.

You can read more about this at Bitcoin Wiki
It's very simple! After login, click the "SEND" and you can send a direct transfer.

You can send the transfer to another person or store directly, without intermediaries. You just need to choose the payment currency, specify the amount and enter the recipient's crypto-currency address. And do not forget - the sent payments can not be returned.
Bitcoin - minimum 0.001 BTC
UNICS Coin - minimum 0.01 UCST
Dash DASH - minimum 0.05 DASH
Dogecoin DOGE - minimum 10 DOGE
Ethereum ETH - minimum 0.05 ETH
Ethereum Classic ETC - minimum 0.1 ETC
Litecoin LTC - minimum 0.005 LTC
Zcash ZEC - minimum 0.01 ZEC
Waves - minimum 0.5 WAVES
Since all transactions in crypto-currency networks are irreversible by their nature, you should be careful when sending funds and always make sure of the correct address of the recipient.

Warning! If the transfer has already been sent, it can not be returned or revoked.
No . More precisely, it can not be canceled by you.

Transactions in crypto-currency networks are irreversible by their nature. Any payments sent can not be canceled. Only the payee can return it back to you.
Once you click on the "Send" button, your feed is queued for sending. The execution time of the transfer depends on its place in the queue, however, as a rule, the transaction is performed within 1-3 minutes.

After the transfer is sent, the speed of its processing and confirmation depends on the crypto-currency protocols and networks. The transaction you send will be available to the recipient after several confirmations by the network (from 2 to 10).

Bitcoin usually requires 2 to 6 network confirmations (20 to 40 minutes), for Dogecoin 6 to 8 confirmations (5 to 15 minutes).

In cases where the network is overloaded with transactions, confirmation can take up to several hours or even days. The confirmation procedure is independent of UNICS and is determined solely by the processing speed of transactions by crypto-currency networks.
No. You will get exactly the amount that you see in the window of the exchange transaction preview.
UNICS allows you to connect the auto-exchange function to any of your crypto-currency accounts.

Auto exchange means that all funds arriving at the specified account will be automatically exchanged for the currency chosen by you at the current exchange rate.

Funds already on the account will not be affected. Funds received from the exchange will also not be affected. Only direct transfers to this account will be automatically exchanged.

To enable automatic exchange, click the " Actions " button. next to the name of the account and select "Connect autochange".

In the window that appears, select the currency to be exchanged and click on the " Connect AutoExchange " button. in the lower right corner.

After connecting automatic exchange, next to the account name you will see the corresponding gray badge.

Autochange can be turned off and connected at any time. To do this, click the " Actions " button. next to the name of the account and select "Disable auto-sharing".
All exchange transactions are made in the section EXCHANGE.

Purchase of a currency for rubles / dollars / hryvnia

To be able to buy crypto currency for rubles / dollars / hryvnia, you need to replenish the balance of your ruble / dollar / hryvnia account.

Sales of crypto currency for rubles / dollars / hryvnia

If you sold the currency for rubles / dollars / hryvnia and a positive balance was formed on your ruble / dollar / hryvnia account, then you can withdraw it into your account in any payment system that we support. The output is automatic and instant.
Go to the "Exchange " menu, select the currency you want to sell, and the currency you want to buy. In the window between them there will be an exchange rate.

The course is updated every 30 seconds.